Saturday, 27 April 2013

Colour By Benefit!

We have landed to the "World's Most Colourful Destination"! So if you are stuck in a beauty rut or desperately need to change your makeup routine then buy a brand new eyeshadow or lipgloss from the new Benefit collection today!!!

Who is excited for the New Colour By Benefit collection? I sure am! In this post, I will show you all the shades/products that will be coming out in this new makeup range.
These are the discontinued favourites that helped inspire the New Colour Collection. They are the Velvet Shadows, Creaseless Cream Shadows and Ultra Shines!

Here are the Creaseless Cream Shadows/Liners:
These shadows can also be used as liners and have a really creamy texture.

(If you can't read Korean, dont panic! I will translate and tell you all the shades in English)

 The shades are:
  • Bikini Tini (Neutral Pink)
  • R.S.V.P (Sparkling Champagne)
  • Blue My Mind (Brilliant Blue)
  • Always A Bridesmaid (Lovely Violet)
  • Birthday Suit (Polished Chrome)
  • My Two Cents (Glittering Copper)
  • No Pressure! (Rich Fawn)
  • Bronze Have More Fun (Cool Coffee)
  • Skinny Jeans (Glam Pewter)
  • Holy Smokes (Sexy Charcoal)
Buy the Creaseless Cream Shadows:

Here are the Long Wear Powder Shadows:
These shadows are designed to last longer than your usual eyeshadows and they come in pretty shades.

(Sorry for another Korean Writing Image, I couldn't find a english one!)

The shades are:
  • Pinky Swear (Baby Pink)
  • Pause for Applause (Sweet Lilac)
  • Blingo (Glam Silver)
  • Milk It (Pearly White)
  • Call My Bluff (Soft Shell)
  • It's Complicated (Fiery Peach)
  • Nude Swings (Sassy Rose-Gold)
  • Gilt-y Pleasure (Sandy Gold)
  • Thanks A Latte...'Thanks A Lot' for buying me this shade! (Shimmery Brown)
  • Kiss Me, I'm Tipsy (Spicy Brown)
  • Rain Check! (Interesting Indigo)
  • Quick Look Busy (Smouldering Expresso)
Buy The Eyeshadows Here:

Here are the Lip Colours:

Remember Life On The A List? Benefit renamed this gloss to 'A Lister' (light pink). The only shade that they kept from their old line was 'Kiss You'. The other glam colours to choose from are:
  • Fauxmance (Soft Berry)
  • Lollibop (Bright Pink)
  • Poutrageous...just love this name! (Cool Orange)
  • Kiss You (Pretty Lilac)
  • Ice Breaker (Clear)
Buy the Ultra Plush Lip Gloss:

And not forgeting the packaging that has been inspired by none other than the San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge!

(All the products can be bought online or in counters/boutiques)

So....will you be trying the new Colour Collection? And also, tell me what you think about it down below! =)

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