Friday, 5 April 2013

Why I Love Benefit Cosmetics?

My favourite beauty brand has to be the fabulous Benefit Cosmetics. Benefit has been around for over 30 years and has been making women look pretty ever since! Some of their top selling products are The Porefessional (primer),They're Real (mascara) and Bene Tint (lip and cheek stain). Some of the cute Benefit cartoon benebabes are pictured below. There are also other benebabes called: Peggy, Leah, Francis, Lana, Venus and Bathina but they are not in the image.

These are some of my other favourite Benefit quotes:
  • "Looking good is the best revenge"
  • "Bad Gals finish first"
  • "Never leave home without your lipstick"
  • "Hey girlfriend!....your beautfiul"
  • "Get your daily dose of gorgeous"
So before I tell you why I love Benefit so much, here is a bit of Benefit history!:

The Co-founders of Benefit, Jean and Jane Ford (I would love to meet them!) were born in a farm house in Indiana. They discovered that they were talented in dancing and makeup, when they were younger. Then, they headed to New York to seek fame and fortune. The twins finally found fame as they got picked to star in a Calgon Bath and Soap advert.

After that they then moved to live in San Francisco. When the twin's mother gave them a phone call (to tell them that she was coming), Jean and Jane decided that they needed to start a business. They flipped a coin (heads was for casserole bakery and tails was for cosmetics company) and luckily for us fate choose cosmetics. They found a place in San Fransico Mission District and called their mini makeup shop; The Face Place.

Benefit's first product was made in 1977 and it was a rose tinted lip and cheek stain (sound familiar?) called Rose Tint. Years later, this product has been renamed to Bene Tint. In 1990, The Face Place was renamed to BeneFit Cosmetics due to Jean and Jane wanting to make thier brand more famous and global. Benefit then moved abroad to the U.k in Harrods (sadly this counter is now closed) in 1997. In 2003, the first brow bar opened in a Macy counter in San Fransisco. And to end it all of (...well not really!) Jean's daughters and Jane's nieces; the fabulous Annie and Maggie Ford Danielson join Benefit in the year 2008.

  • Thier packaging and adverts are sooooo adorable!

  • The names are so awesome: Porefessional, Perk Up Artist, Prrrowl, Fine One One, and One Hot Minute are some of my faves!
  • The products have good reviews and they actually work!
Hello Flawless Powder: Before and After!

  • The brand has a good atmosphere and the staff are polite.
  • The boutiques and counters are gorgeous. (I feel like I am in another planet when I visit Benefit.)

  • The parties are awesome and most of the time you can get cool freebies.
  • Models are so pretty and not caked with too much makeup.
Song Ji Hyo looking gorgeous with the new Ultra Shine Lip Gloss.

  • And there are always cool competitons that you can enter.
  • Hervana (my favourite girly blusher)
  • They're Real (makes my lashes look like falsies)
  • High Beam (gives me an angelic glow)
  • Fake Up (the first hydrating concealer that covers dark circles)
  • Ultra Plush Lip Gloss (beautiful colours and smooth texture)
  • Some Kinda Gorgeous (gives me natural looking coverage)
  • Fine One One (just love this gorgeous colour stick)

    And also something cute I noticed while watching one of my favourite comedy tv shows:
Benefit products are available to buy in all Benefit boutiques.
And in some: Boots, Harvey Nichols, Fenwick, John Lewis, Debenhams, Macy, Ulta, and Sephora counters. (depends on what country you live in)

Make sure to like 'Benefit Cosmetics (country you live in)' on Facebook and follow them on Twitter and Instagram for the latest news on events and offers that are happening near you.

Do you love Benefit Cosmetics?

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